Sunday, September 11, 2011

Second Chance

Given to shadows,
Lost in the dark,
Two broken-down souls,
About to be marked.

Fallen in depths,
A heartbeat which lurches,
Pleading for mercy,
An end to ones searches.

Hurt and untrusting,
Eyes that peak out,
Through slits they see danger,
Yet hand seek about.

Then something will grab you,
You freeze up inside,
For this that has grasped you,
There's nowhere to hide.

Embers will burn you,
Ice beats at the tie,
Sedating your wounds,
For your pain it will cry.

Freed of your shackles,
Eyes open wide,
Second chances are true,
Finding magic inside.

Sharing passion to lips,
Though a price must be paid,
To never regret,
The bond which was made.

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