Friday, March 16, 2012

Child Abuse... Parenting - Fail

     Out of her front door she runs into the night. Rain pours down and soon she is soaked. Each raindrop numbing on her scarred flesh. In nothing but a torn, oversize T-Shirt she goes on. She runs for miles on end and soon the sun begins to rise. No longer does she wish to see the sun. Betrayed and ticked oh so many days by its light and false promises.
    She escapes into the shelter of an alleyway, accidentally bumping into a man. He caught her as she began to fall.  His lean yet muscular arms wrapped around her. They are equally cold to each other though he lets her stay at his place for the day. They gradually get closer, a friends with benefits deal of sorts. He allows her to stay as long as she wants, as long as she gets up off her ass and gets a job.
     Later on that night she found herself a job as she roamed the streets, now covered in his shirt and a pair of his boxers. A car pulls up and there began her earnings.
    With her well earned money she was soon able to afford clothing of her own.
     Each night she found someone new and each morning she came home with a few hundred in her hand. Though the nights kept getting harder. She discovered herself in a depression, unable to get up from bed though she did anyway. Then she found it. She found what she needed to go on. Drugs. Just before she left the apartment she did a line and popped a pill or two... or more. Ready to go.
     Then one night a man tried to go a little far. He held her by her throat slamming in and out of her, "You're my little skank aren't ya? You no good piece of shit," he practically hissed at her. He pressed harder on her neck. He was trying to kill her. A wave of memories and anger came crashing back. She slapped him and attempted to push him off. Now was not the night to piss her off nor to try and kill her, she hadn't gotten her pills in for the night and it was not reacting well with her.
     He wouldn't get off. She reached into her purse and pulled her knife out holding it to his throat threatening him. She stabbed the knife into his neck. Blood was everywhere and his limp body fall on hers. She pushed him off and took any valuables and money she could find, "bitch," she spat at him. She walked off and lit a cigarette.
      She went back to the apartment and the man she met so many months ago in that alleyway was sitting there, pipe in hand. He offered her some and she took a hit. She leaned down and kissed him deeply. They made out for a short while then she got up. She grabbed her pills and got a taxi.
     Twenty minutes later she got out and looked up to see the place her childhood had demolished. She crept in the house, everyone was still asleep. She went to where the gasoline was kept in cases of emergency. Emergency enough... It'll be used for a good cause anyway.
     She walks upstairs and pours it around the bed which her parents slept. All those nights, all those scars, beatings. You took advantage of me and made my life hell. My turn bitches..
     She lit a match and put it down to the gasoline lighting their bed in flames. They wake up and begin yelling. Her father lunges for her and she jumps away and locks them in their room as she walks off to hers. Sitting on the bed which so many memories were held she lays down. Throwing the pills back she closes her eyes and listens to the helpless screams of her parents.
     Drifting away she feels the heat against her body. Flames lick at her skin as she breathes her last breaths. Her corps along with her parents were eaten away by the fire and that mysterious stranger which had helped her what seems like an eternity ago will never speak of her again.