Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whos That In The Mirror

Excuse me, whats your name?
I havnt seen you before..
You dont look very tame.

Who are you in my mirror?
You look so hurt and sad.
I can see your pain and fear.

What do you want?
I dont see a smile.
Your eyes really haunt.

Why are you here?
You have no help
You, I cant hear.

Who are you?
Your alone in the dark.
And crying too.

Wait, I know why your here.
I didnt recognize you at all. 
Thats me in the mirror...

~ Chronic Frog

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Will Run To a Place

I will run
To a place far away from here
To a place where I will belong
To a place that will let me be free

I will run
To a place so new and unknown
To a place so fresh and untouched
To a place left to explore

I will run
To a place where I can smile so big
To a place where I can laugh so loud
To a place just where I can be me

I will run
To a place where I cannot be judged 
To a place where I am not alone
To a place where I fit in just as my own

I will run
To a place so I can hide
To a place just to get away
To a place hate cannot find

I will run
I will run
To that place far away
To that place just for me

~Chronic Frog

Take Me Away

Take me away
I beg of you, please!
Show me the way
Let me be free

Take me away
I wanna be safe
I really cant stay
I hate this place

Take me away
This pain is too real
Its all turning gray
Gone in the dark

Take me away
Just unlock me please
We cannot stay
Help me, help me

Take me away
I will not fade
I hate it all in a way
Lets leave it behind

~Chronic Frog
 Sorry this poem suck ass. I was having trouble thinking of stuff. But I felt like wrighting, so yeah

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dance of Death

Humming so soft, your arms on my waist,
In your eyes I see love, though face showing pain.
Lips touch so smooth, last gift of your taste,
Our blood mixes down, cleansed by the rain.
Music embrace, I stand on your feet,
The warmth of your neck, it's fading away.
Our skin going pale, but still we will smile,
Knees going weak, gently we lay,
I think back in time, my walk down the isle.
First time we met, you found me by chance,
This last night you hold me, your now shaking breath.
One more tear I let fall, now caught in a trance,
Together we swayed, the dance of our death.
Our love though not ended, it's only begun,
My body to yours, our breathing has stopped.
Souls touch in death, we're finally one,
Hearts molded together, love yet to be topped. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011


At this grave I see my name
Like a door opened and death came

Dead in the ground, lonely as ever
A hushed mind possibly forever
This is a dream it has to be
Trapped in a coffin cannot be me

My cries to the the world cannot be heard
Not even the smallest of a word
Coming from my mouth, I hear a sigh
Life passes quit fast and then you die

~Chronic Frog

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get Outta My Head

Get outta my head
I dont like this game
Your whispers are haunting
Im trapped in shame

Get outta my head
The yells and screams
Im falling apart
Its exaclty what it seems

Get outta my head
Please leave me alone
The voices so loud
My pain has shown

Get outta my head
You are all I hear
Repeating in echo
Its almost a fear

Get outta my head
Just go away
Your too much to handle
I beg you not to stay

~Chronic Frog

Saturday, October 15, 2011


You're sitting in your room;
There's not a soul in sight. 
A banging in your tomb, 
But there's no need for freight.
Hold a pillow to your chest.
The world begins to change.
Shut your mouth, it's for the best;
What others see deranged.
Swallowed whole in red.
A creature dark and violent.
It creeps up to your bed,
Keep your body silent.
Listen to their voice.
Whispers in your ear.
Still you have a choice,
Sight becoming clear.
The ground beneath you fades away,
Heart begins to drop.
Another struggle through the day,
Until the night it stops.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Just Want To Be Me

Its not even midnight
But I lay in bed
So lost and so broken
I cried as I bled

Yesterday was not normal
Today was not right
They hurt me so much
I cant put up a fight

Shadows are lurking
While the lies fly around
I cry alittle more
But with barly a sound

Bleeding the pain
I wish I was free
These chains are to heavy
I just want to be me.

~Chronic Frog

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Neverending sleep

Not a good poem I know but I got bored... 

Sleeping in silence,
Cut off to the world.

Dried tears upon eyes,
Heart at rest,
Calmness breathes the air.

Darkness embrace,
Heat stolen.

Thought lost,
Muscles relaxed,
Never-ending numbness.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Was

I was there when you wanted me,
I was there when you didnt,
I was there when you needed me,
I was there when you didnt,

I was the one who forced you to smile,
I was the one you smiled at,
I was the one who forced you to laugh,
I was the one you laughed at,

I was the one that never left,
I was the one who promised I wont,
I was the one you didnt want to leave,
I was the one you thanked for staying,

I was the one who listened to you,
I was the one who always heard you,
I was the one who still can hear you,
I was the one that wouldnt stop listening,

I was the one who gave you anwsers,
I was the on that told you the truth,
I was the one that you asked,
I was the one you trusted,

I was the one who picked you up,
I was the one who wouldnt let you fall,
I was the one you held on too,
I was the one that held you,

I was your friend,
I was your world,
I was what you wanted me to be,
I was all that kept you free,

I was the one who loved you,
I was the one you loved,
I was the one who wont forget you,
I was the one you forgot.

~Chronic Frog

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crimson Skies

Petals stained blood,
Shining so bright,
Nurture the bud,
Breathing the night.

Above and beyond,
Innocent and sweet,
Singing its song,
Sway to the beat.

Thorns it holds cold,
Paid and deserving,
Though message left bold,
So sharp and unnerving.

Caressing with love,
A silky embrace,
The essence above,
A pathway to face.


Okay so I know the poetry sucks :(  buuuut y'all out there do me a favor possibly??
Leave comments.
What can we do to improve it?
Any suggestions on subjects?
Types of poems you would like to read?
Just anything that you would like to see or that could make it better would be greatly appreciated...

If you don't feel like leavin a comment or a message an helpin out then what the fuck you here fo?

TTYL bitches I love ya
~Freexay :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The walls have crumbles,
Screams have broken out,
Cuts so deep,
Scars of the past.

Whimpers echo,
A sick, cruel joke,
The game of life,
Tormented laughter,

Blood spills,
Sweat pools,
Tears fall,
Bones broken,
Hearts devoured.

Crawling away,
Vain attempts at happiness,
Digging in deeper,
Strangled ad suffocated,
Masks of kindness.


Hidden away,
No one will know.
Unwillingly locked up,
Look out the window.

What do you see?
Out the window to high.
I see peace and laughter,
I see birds free to fly.

It's out of my reach,
But it's in my sight,
Taunting and teasing,
It just isn't right.

One day I will get there,
One day I'll be free.
You see all those people?
That will be me.

Time is my obstacle,
While life passes me by,
Just waiting and watching,
From my window so high.

Hidden away,
No one did know,
Unwillingly locked up,
I saw out the window.

I Chose Not To Listen

This might not be as good as others... I wrote it a long time ago.

Is everything okay?
You look a bit down.
Your once constant smile,
Replaced by a frown.

Do you need help?
You've lately been glum.
You've started drinking,
Drowning in rum.

Please let me help you.
You're slipping away.
No longer I see you,
You sleep through the day.

Where are you going?
Get down from up there!
Why won't you listen?
Why won't you care?

I don't want to listen,
I can't find it in me.
I don't want to care,
Just please leave me be!

Your cry sounds so distant,
Step away from that ledge!
I choose not to listen.
And step off the edge.


Deep inside,
A shadow lurks,
Or watching,
Or just passing time.
Maybe it's lost,
Moving slowly across the walls.
Getting bigger,
Fading with time.
A bulb slowly burning,
Washing away,
Frightened to move.
Or maybe just tired,
So soft,
A flame to be lit.

Second Chance

Given to shadows,
Lost in the dark,
Two broken-down souls,
About to be marked.

Fallen in depths,
A heartbeat which lurches,
Pleading for mercy,
An end to ones searches.

Hurt and untrusting,
Eyes that peak out,
Through slits they see danger,
Yet hand seek about.

Then something will grab you,
You freeze up inside,
For this that has grasped you,
There's nowhere to hide.

Embers will burn you,
Ice beats at the tie,
Sedating your wounds,
For your pain it will cry.

Freed of your shackles,
Eyes open wide,
Second chances are true,
Finding magic inside.

Sharing passion to lips,
Though a price must be paid,
To never regret,
The bond which was made.