Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dance of Death

Humming so soft, your arms on my waist,
In your eyes I see love, though face showing pain.
Lips touch so smooth, last gift of your taste,
Our blood mixes down, cleansed by the rain.
Music embrace, I stand on your feet,
The warmth of your neck, it's fading away.
Our skin going pale, but still we will smile,
Knees going weak, gently we lay,
I think back in time, my walk down the isle.
First time we met, you found me by chance,
This last night you hold me, your now shaking breath.
One more tear I let fall, now caught in a trance,
Together we swayed, the dance of our death.
Our love though not ended, it's only begun,
My body to yours, our breathing has stopped.
Souls touch in death, we're finally one,
Hearts molded together, love yet to be topped.