Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Boy and A Girl

She walks alone,
Lost and broken,
Tears long since dried,
No more a pain,
Just the sweet kiss of tranquility,
A numbness in her heart.

He stumbles through life,
About to give up,
The heart in his chest pounded to rubble,
One last tear will be cried,
Then with a soft sorrow he will soon say goodbye.

Together they crash,
They fall and eyes open,
Electricity courses and a shock stabs through,
Reality freezes to start again,
Reborn to the world,
A friend long forgotten,
The feeling of happiness seeming so foreign.

Like a new journey,
Through a path that has been worn,
But this travel through is special, new,
Never felt an emotion likes this,
Wounds have been healed,
Although scars never fade.

She helped him forget,
He helped her remember,
And together they built a home,
A safe place to be,
A place to stay warm,
Somewhere love will always be found,
In this world together they stay.

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