Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Boy and A Girl

She walks alone,
Lost and broken,
Tears long since dried,
No more a pain,
Just the sweet kiss of tranquility,
A numbness in her heart.

He stumbles through life,
About to give up,
The heart in his chest pounded to rubble,
One last tear will be cried,
Then with a soft sorrow he will soon say goodbye.

Together they crash,
They fall and eyes open,
Electricity courses and a shock stabs through,
Reality freezes to start again,
Reborn to the world,
A friend long forgotten,
The feeling of happiness seeming so foreign.

Like a new journey,
Through a path that has been worn,
But this travel through is special, new,
Never felt an emotion likes this,
Wounds have been healed,
Although scars never fade.

She helped him forget,
He helped her remember,
And together they built a home,
A safe place to be,
A place to stay warm,
Somewhere love will always be found,
In this world together they stay.


Alone in the world
I wonder the streets
Inhaling the ever constant poison
I know soon too I will be dead
And the world can begin again
Its rehabilitation all on its own
But that's all it needs
It's not like its guests
It needs no other
It has no weakness but kindness
A faithful host it is
Though its guests are greedy and harmful
They leave though
And the host will stay sweet
'Tis the guests that will be forced
 Forced by the guest itself
Ignorance may be bliss to some
But why harm that which has only loved
As I walk
I am not afraid
I welcome death to come
As for next my host shall be free
And maybe kindness be repaid.

Hungry Dinosaur

Grrr I am a dinosaur,
Grrr Grrr here me growl,
You took my food you son of a bitch.
Now I have to find some other.
Maybe a meal,
Maybe two... 
Two meals in one.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Love You

You are my hero
In my wildest dreams
Your love was more
Than just what it seems

You do save me
In a nightmare
Of the darkest night
And you did care

You were my teacher
To trust and to love
And remember to smile
To the air above

Remember me babe
As you drift away
I love you
Why didnt you stay?

~Gir Babez

Monday, February 27, 2012


People don't take the time to see,
In depth what one's soul is truly to be.
Growing up to live on the lies,
When true beauty is what's shining inside.

Special Someone

Deep in my body are memories not forgotten,
A symbol of strength as I see,
Though to others a sign of depression, 
That one freak that you shouldn't get near,
But I know that there is someone,
My one special someone,
Who doesn't look down on my past,
And is there for my future.
As a river shall flow then it's mark will be made,
Carving its way through,
Then me and my someone will will go hand and hand,
Their only wish to protect me,
But a guilt eats its way through,
The thoughts that I have of drifting away,
I'm not afraid because I know,
That when I go my someone will come too,
While a blade to my body,
The blood will flow free and my someone will come,
The pool drowning my past, my present, today,
And there by my side my someone is there,
My someone will come,
In peace we will be but their blood on my hands,
Their worst nightmare in my thoughts,
That which I cannot do,
So today I will live on and that someone,
That special someone will never know and in happiness,
Eternity together will be spent.


The sun that still shines, 
Effulgent today,
Like any other,
As time fades away.
The moon that glows bright,
Everything so clear,
See the world that's upon us,
Our broken dreams held dear.
When all that is needed,
I beg and i shout,
But even a drop,
To end this harsh drought.
Happiness scarce,
It's blocked by the sun,
A too vulgar reality,
Clearness undone.
This night I cry silent,
My tears will fall free,
For the day clouds will come,
And happiness will be.
A raindrop will fall,
And the drought be no more,
Reality hidden,
While we steer from the shore.