Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Chose Not To Listen

This might not be as good as others... I wrote it a long time ago.

Is everything okay?
You look a bit down.
Your once constant smile,
Replaced by a frown.

Do you need help?
You've lately been glum.
You've started drinking,
Drowning in rum.

Please let me help you.
You're slipping away.
No longer I see you,
You sleep through the day.

Where are you going?
Get down from up there!
Why won't you listen?
Why won't you care?

I don't want to listen,
I can't find it in me.
I don't want to care,
Just please leave me be!

Your cry sounds so distant,
Step away from that ledge!
I choose not to listen.
And step off the edge.

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