Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soul Catcher

Soul Catcher

Living in an ignorant bliss, the people believed the thrashing winds and booming thunder to be just another day; little did they know, a nightmare had just been resurrected...
Over the years, one by one, unsolved murders had been popping up. The murder rates from state to state were all over the charts and according to law enforcement a serial killer was on the loose, to others, a monster.
Theories emerged anywhere from a person gone mad to a demon risen from the pits of Hell. All theories had been flawed and vastly incorrect. That is how it would stay as well, fore no one would ever know the truth.
Smart and swift was the creature. It was said that the monster was a woman of indescribable beauty. Her voice softer than silk and skin pure as snow was as they believed. Pictures they drew showed her to have long flowing hair that was darker than night and appeared weightless upon her breast. Then there were her eyes. They didn't match her soft appearance. They were cold and hard like a barrier placed over them, letting nothing out and especially nothing in.
At night children had learned to sleep with doors shut, hidden away in their blankets. They had reason to fear. Everyone knew that the children were most pure. Their souls were innocent and sweet, a favorite of the beauty.
As Winter came around, like every year, the woman makes sure she is known. The sight of blood against the crisp white snow excited her. Her excitement was the others fear. Mothers did their best to shield their kin from the evidence. The effort was in vain though.
The woman stood atop a hill overlooking the crimson stained snow. To kill, she knew, would involve no physical touch at all. Blood stains were really just a show for her amusement after she's breathed their last breath. Closing her eyes the beauty sinks back into time remembering the feel of their warmth, the spirit housed within a body. She shivers in delight and continues to gaze out at the world, reveling in the havoc of which had become known to all.
Claiming the souls of others as her own was more than a method of survival; it was an addiction. For each soul obtained the more power was given. It's humorous to the woman how at first murder was nothing more than a method of survival. Each life seemed to bring her power she soon noticed. She felt strong, gorgeous. That's when it became too much. Murder after murder and the people were at a loss of what next to do.
But not only were the people at a loss, but the woman was as well, only, she didn't know it then. Inside she felt the power and excitement coursing through her veins. Tips of the beauty's fingers tingled and heart pounded desperately, searching for a touch of ease.
Time passed by and exertion towards her body was reaching it's limit. Day by day she felt her control slipping away. The people noticed as well. Killings became messier and more frequently. Homes were no longer a safe haven.
Finally reaching her breaking point, the creature cracked. A spine tingling sound filled the air. It reached down into their depths erasing any happiness the people had known. It was the cry of a monster. Upon the hill she collapsed. Power fought inside her, mind and body fell into one. With a blanket of pure darkness everything that once was became no more.
Years passed before anything regained any sign of what use to be before such a monster was born. The peoples' ignorance had been shattered by the hard truth of reality, yet no more had they need fear the nightmare they all once witnessed. Writings, tales, and even movies had been made from their history. None reached the truth of what really did happen those many years ago, but one could guess, and so they did. All that was left was to revel in each second at hand and hope what once was, nevermore shall be.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Child Abuse... Parenting - Fail

     Out of her front door she runs into the night. Rain pours down and soon she is soaked. Each raindrop numbing on her scarred flesh. In nothing but a torn, oversize T-Shirt she goes on. She runs for miles on end and soon the sun begins to rise. No longer does she wish to see the sun. Betrayed and ticked oh so many days by its light and false promises.
    She escapes into the shelter of an alleyway, accidentally bumping into a man. He caught her as she began to fall.  His lean yet muscular arms wrapped around her. They are equally cold to each other though he lets her stay at his place for the day. They gradually get closer, a friends with benefits deal of sorts. He allows her to stay as long as she wants, as long as she gets up off her ass and gets a job.
     Later on that night she found herself a job as she roamed the streets, now covered in his shirt and a pair of his boxers. A car pulls up and there began her earnings.
    With her well earned money she was soon able to afford clothing of her own.
     Each night she found someone new and each morning she came home with a few hundred in her hand. Though the nights kept getting harder. She discovered herself in a depression, unable to get up from bed though she did anyway. Then she found it. She found what she needed to go on. Drugs. Just before she left the apartment she did a line and popped a pill or two... or more. Ready to go.
     Then one night a man tried to go a little far. He held her by her throat slamming in and out of her, "You're my little skank aren't ya? You no good piece of shit," he practically hissed at her. He pressed harder on her neck. He was trying to kill her. A wave of memories and anger came crashing back. She slapped him and attempted to push him off. Now was not the night to piss her off nor to try and kill her, she hadn't gotten her pills in for the night and it was not reacting well with her.
     He wouldn't get off. She reached into her purse and pulled her knife out holding it to his throat threatening him. She stabbed the knife into his neck. Blood was everywhere and his limp body fall on hers. She pushed him off and took any valuables and money she could find, "bitch," she spat at him. She walked off and lit a cigarette.
      She went back to the apartment and the man she met so many months ago in that alleyway was sitting there, pipe in hand. He offered her some and she took a hit. She leaned down and kissed him deeply. They made out for a short while then she got up. She grabbed her pills and got a taxi.
     Twenty minutes later she got out and looked up to see the place her childhood had demolished. She crept in the house, everyone was still asleep. She went to where the gasoline was kept in cases of emergency. Emergency enough... It'll be used for a good cause anyway.
     She walks upstairs and pours it around the bed which her parents slept. All those nights, all those scars, beatings. You took advantage of me and made my life hell. My turn bitches..
     She lit a match and put it down to the gasoline lighting their bed in flames. They wake up and begin yelling. Her father lunges for her and she jumps away and locks them in their room as she walks off to hers. Sitting on the bed which so many memories were held she lays down. Throwing the pills back she closes her eyes and listens to the helpless screams of her parents.
     Drifting away she feels the heat against her body. Flames lick at her skin as she breathes her last breaths. Her corps along with her parents were eaten away by the fire and that mysterious stranger which had helped her what seems like an eternity ago will never speak of her again.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


    She's sitting in her room. Everything feels wrong, yet everything is right. A chilling breeze rolls through the air, though every window is shut. Curling up in the safety of her bed she looks around. Foreign sounds fill the room. Her eyes are open wide and it's getting hard to breathe. The air is like knives in her chest. The covers begin to move, as if something is inside. Curling tighter into herself she looks on in freight. The windows slam open like in a cliche horror film. Her heart is pounding while she holds in a scream. With shaky hands she pulls the covers tighter to her body and the world begins to spin. In the shadow of the moonlight a face emerges. Its eyes are pitch black and an evil smile taunts and teases. Tears roll down her face. Her heart beats harder than ever and black spots cloud her vision. With a final thud within her breast a heart is stilled. The face looks on as the old woman's body relaxes, tumbling down into the pillows. Afraid of death she was, or more, fear of the unknown. With a quiet chuckle the face fades away.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Boy and A Girl

She walks alone,
Lost and broken,
Tears long since dried,
No more a pain,
Just the sweet kiss of tranquility,
A numbness in her heart.

He stumbles through life,
About to give up,
The heart in his chest pounded to rubble,
One last tear will be cried,
Then with a soft sorrow he will soon say goodbye.

Together they crash,
They fall and eyes open,
Electricity courses and a shock stabs through,
Reality freezes to start again,
Reborn to the world,
A friend long forgotten,
The feeling of happiness seeming so foreign.

Like a new journey,
Through a path that has been worn,
But this travel through is special, new,
Never felt an emotion likes this,
Wounds have been healed,
Although scars never fade.

She helped him forget,
He helped her remember,
And together they built a home,
A safe place to be,
A place to stay warm,
Somewhere love will always be found,
In this world together they stay.


Alone in the world
I wonder the streets
Inhaling the ever constant poison
I know soon too I will be dead
And the world can begin again
Its rehabilitation all on its own
But that's all it needs
It's not like its guests
It needs no other
It has no weakness but kindness
A faithful host it is
Though its guests are greedy and harmful
They leave though
And the host will stay sweet
'Tis the guests that will be forced
 Forced by the guest itself
Ignorance may be bliss to some
But why harm that which has only loved
As I walk
I am not afraid
I welcome death to come
As for next my host shall be free
And maybe kindness be repaid.

Hungry Dinosaur

Grrr I am a dinosaur,
Grrr Grrr here me growl,
You took my food you son of a bitch.
Now I have to find some other.
Maybe a meal,
Maybe two... 
Two meals in one.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Love You

You are my hero
In my wildest dreams
Your love was more
Than just what it seems

You do save me
In a nightmare
Of the darkest night
And you did care

You were my teacher
To trust and to love
And remember to smile
To the air above

Remember me babe
As you drift away
I love you
Why didnt you stay?

~Gir Babez

Monday, February 27, 2012


People don't take the time to see,
In depth what one's soul is truly to be.
Growing up to live on the lies,
When true beauty is what's shining inside.

Special Someone

Deep in my body are memories not forgotten,
A symbol of strength as I see,
Though to others a sign of depression, 
That one freak that you shouldn't get near,
But I know that there is someone,
My one special someone,
Who doesn't look down on my past,
And is there for my future.
As a river shall flow then it's mark will be made,
Carving its way through,
Then me and my someone will will go hand and hand,
Their only wish to protect me,
But a guilt eats its way through,
The thoughts that I have of drifting away,
I'm not afraid because I know,
That when I go my someone will come too,
While a blade to my body,
The blood will flow free and my someone will come,
The pool drowning my past, my present, today,
And there by my side my someone is there,
My someone will come,
In peace we will be but their blood on my hands,
Their worst nightmare in my thoughts,
That which I cannot do,
So today I will live on and that someone,
That special someone will never know and in happiness,
Eternity together will be spent.


The sun that still shines, 
Effulgent today,
Like any other,
As time fades away.
The moon that glows bright,
Everything so clear,
See the world that's upon us,
Our broken dreams held dear.
When all that is needed,
I beg and i shout,
But even a drop,
To end this harsh drought.
Happiness scarce,
It's blocked by the sun,
A too vulgar reality,
Clearness undone.
This night I cry silent,
My tears will fall free,
For the day clouds will come,
And happiness will be.
A raindrop will fall,
And the drought be no more,
Reality hidden,
While we steer from the shore.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Love Almost Gone

Just you and me
Forever and always
Thats what it was supposed to be

Now further apart
Thats all we are getting
Its really breaking my heart

A love once so strong
It was much more than perfect
Now its almost gone

-Gir Babez
(Chronic Frog)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A few quotes

"When you really love someone, age, height, distance, weight, are all just a damn number"

"Live as if you'll fie today... Dream as if you'll live forever"

"Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met"

"Everyone in life will hurt you, you just need to find the one's worth suffering for"

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

 "It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace."

"I love my mask, No one will even know the pain just beneath the surface"

"What do you do when the one that broke you is the only one that can fix you.?"

"To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer; not to love is to suffer; to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be happy one must love or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness."