Saturday, March 10, 2012


    She's sitting in her room. Everything feels wrong, yet everything is right. A chilling breeze rolls through the air, though every window is shut. Curling up in the safety of her bed she looks around. Foreign sounds fill the room. Her eyes are open wide and it's getting hard to breathe. The air is like knives in her chest. The covers begin to move, as if something is inside. Curling tighter into herself she looks on in freight. The windows slam open like in a cliche horror film. Her heart is pounding while she holds in a scream. With shaky hands she pulls the covers tighter to her body and the world begins to spin. In the shadow of the moonlight a face emerges. Its eyes are pitch black and an evil smile taunts and teases. Tears roll down her face. Her heart beats harder than ever and black spots cloud her vision. With a final thud within her breast a heart is stilled. The face looks on as the old woman's body relaxes, tumbling down into the pillows. Afraid of death she was, or more, fear of the unknown. With a quiet chuckle the face fades away.

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