Monday, February 27, 2012

Special Someone

Deep in my body are memories not forgotten,
A symbol of strength as I see,
Though to others a sign of depression, 
That one freak that you shouldn't get near,
But I know that there is someone,
My one special someone,
Who doesn't look down on my past,
And is there for my future.
As a river shall flow then it's mark will be made,
Carving its way through,
Then me and my someone will will go hand and hand,
Their only wish to protect me,
But a guilt eats its way through,
The thoughts that I have of drifting away,
I'm not afraid because I know,
That when I go my someone will come too,
While a blade to my body,
The blood will flow free and my someone will come,
The pool drowning my past, my present, today,
And there by my side my someone is there,
My someone will come,
In peace we will be but their blood on my hands,
Their worst nightmare in my thoughts,
That which I cannot do,
So today I will live on and that someone,
That special someone will never know and in happiness,
Eternity together will be spent.

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